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Note: Before starting this application, you will need the following reference information:  Your past and current pet's (if applicable), veterinary contact information, and three personal references with their contact info.

Note2: Adopting an animal is a life time commitment.  An animal of any breed is a living, breathing, thinking being.  It is not like buying an inanimate object that at worse may rust if you don't take care of it.  Only committed homes need apply.

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About You - Select one:      Interested in Adopting    or     Interested in Fostering 

Name with Home Area code: eg: Jane Doe (123)

Email: (

Home Telephone:  (include area code)   
Work Telephone:  (include area code)    
                   FAX: (include area code)     
                    Cell:(include area code)     

City/Town:    State/Prov.:   Zip Code:
We work only within Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.  Applications submitted from outside these states cannot be considered.


How long employed with current employer?

Spouse/Significant Other's Name:     

Spouse/Significant Other's Occupation:   


How long employed with current employer?

List any Humane Societies, Organizations, Breed or Training Clubs you are associated with:     

How did you hear about Boxer Rescue?

Are you currently working with any other Boxer Rescues? 
If yes, please provide the name, phone number and email address so we may collaborate our efforts:

About Your Home:

1.  Do you live in: 

2. Do you own or rent your home?
    2b. If you rent, name, phone number and address of landlord

3. How long at current address (years/months)

3b. Are you planning on moving within the next year?
    3c. If yes, please explain

5. Is your yard fenced in securely for a dog?
       If yes, is dog yard: 
        Please provide specific measurements

6. Do you have a cable or kennel run?
If yes, please describe cable run and provide kennel run measurements:

6b. If no to fenced yard, cable or kennel run, how will exercise/toilet be handled?

6c. Do your neighbors have pets? This includes people next door, across the street, and in your immediate surroundings such as your block.
If yes, please provide information as to type including whether it is a cat or dog, breed, size, temperament, if it is an outside or inside  dog, etc.

7. Which best describes your home?
If other, please explain

What are the requirements of dog ownership in your community?  (i.e., licensing, rabies, leash laws, and number of dogs you may  legally have)

8. How many adults in house?  (Applicant must me age 21 or older)
Please list names and ages of each adult in your home:

Any children in the home?
 Please list names and ages of each child in your home:

Is there anyone in your home with animal related allergies? If so, please explain:

Is there anyone in your home with a disability or special needs that we should be made aware of their condition?

About Your Other Pets:

9.  Do you own any other dogs? 

Are they spayed or neutered?If not, why?

10. Any other pets/livestock?

11. List names, breed, age  and sex  of each of your  current  pets (cats, dogs, etc.): 
Pet #1
Pet #2

Last Vet Exam (s)

12. How many dogs have you owned in the last 5 years?  

13. What happened to your last dog?
Please explain circumstances for above and please provide  specifics, including name of dog, breed, and any other pertinent specifics:
If your last dog was given away, please indicate the name and address of the person to whom the dog now belongs:

Are all of your animals (dogs and cats) current on    vaccinations? If not, please explain.

Are all of your animals (dogs and cats) on heartworm preventative?
What type? (please specify)

About Boxers:
14.  Have you owned a Boxer before? 
16. Why do you feel a Boxer is the  right breed for you?

How have you educated yourself about the Boxer breed? Please specify.

17.  List your life activities in which  you would enjoy including your dog:

Would you accept a boxer  mix?

18. Kind of dog do you want? Sex:Age:

Color (please check one for 1st choice, one for 2nd choice):
   First choice:         Fawn  Brindle  White/Check
   Second choice:    Fawn  Brindle  White/Check

Is there a color you would not want and why?



18a. Did you see a particular dog/dogs on the  website that interested you?
If yes, which one: 
1st Choice: 2nd:  3rd:

About Medical Concerns:

A.  Would you consider a special needs dog, such as one that requires daily medication or one that is deaf?

B.  Would you consider a dog with a disability?

C.  Would you consider more than one dog?

Would you crop ears and dock tail if they were not already done?
Ears: Yes  No         Tail:Yes  No

What is the oldest age you would consider?  

About Living Environment:

19.  Where will dog spend most of each day?

If indoors:
Please provide specifics on your answer provided above:
If outdoors:
Please provide specifics on your answer provided above:  

Who will be in charge of the daily care of the dog?

Who will care for your pet  during vacations?

If you don't usually use a crate, will you be willing to use one if you get a dog that is used to being crated?  

Is someone home at all times or will the dog need to be alone for a portion of the day?
If someone takes dog out during day, is it:  

Please explain your choice above and please be specific by describing your work hours, etc.:

What will you do if your dog is destructive while left alone?

20. Where will dog sleep? (Please check all that apply)
Crate  Dog Bed  Family Member's Bed Basement  Garage  
Fenced Yard  Outside Shelter  Kennel  Dog House
Please provide specifics as to dog's sleeping environment to  support your answers above:

About Exercise and Discipline:

21.  How would you exercise the dog?

22. What is your definition of disciplining a dog?  Please provide examples:

Do you want a dog trained to stay off the furniture?   

Have you ever obedience trained a dog before?  

Are you willing to attend obedience classes with your dog?

Would you like a referral?

What are your thoughts on Obedience training?

List the types of behavior problems you consider NOT acceptable:
About Food and Medical Expenses:

23.  How much do you think it would cost to feed the dog on a weekly basis?  (Please explain)

What kind of dog food would you feed the dog?

If other (please specify):

Please indicate brand name you will feed the dog:

What would the dog's eating schedule be?

Plans for Dog:

24. What would you consider a realistic cost to properly care for a dog for one year?  (Please explain) [N/A for Fostering]

25. What other expenses would you expect to pay? (Please explain)  [N/A for Fostering]

26a. Who is your current veterinarian:

Current Vet's Address

Current Vet's Telephone (include area code)

Years with Current Vet

26b. Past Veterinarian: (If with Current Vet for less than 2 yrs)

Past Vet's Address

Past Vet's Telephone (include area code)

If no regular vet, would you like a referral?
27.  What would you do if you could not keep the dog?   Please be specific:
What circumstances, in your mind, justify giving up your dog?
At what point would you consider euthanasia should your dog become ill?  [N/A for Fostering]

28. Do you agree to the following:
Return dog to Boxer Rescue if you can no longer keep or care for dog at any time in the future?

Allow Boxer Rescue agent to visit your home prior to adoption?

29. Why have you chosen to get a boxer through rescue?

Please provide 3 personal references (not related to you):

Name (Area Code) Telephone # Relationship to applicant Yrs known

Anything else that you think might help us find the right Boxer for you:

Note: Adopting an animal is a life time commitment.  An animal of any breed is a living, breathing, thinking being.  It is not like buying an inanimate object that at worse may rust if you don't take care of it.  Only committed homes need apply.

Your Signature (Type your Full Name)

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When you click on the buttons below, you are stating your agreement and compliance to our application process.

By checking this box, you have indicated that this is a valid and legal substitution for your written signature on this legal document titled "Boxer Rescue Application".
By checking this box, you are stating that you are financially and physically able to care for this dog. You understand that proper food and veterinary care can be costly, and you are  able to meet these requirements.  [Vet care N/A for Fostering]
By checking this box, you understand that if the information contained herein is found to be false, your application can be refused or said dog adopted shall be relinquished to Boxer Rescue without a refund of monies paid.
By checking this box, you understand that should you adopt from Boxer Rescue, the $300.00 adoption fee goes toward the cost of caring for all of the rescue dogs, and that this fee is non-refundable.

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IMPORTANT:  Print out a copy of your application in case you experience any computer problems.  If you get an error message after you hit the submit button, try refreshing/reloading the page.  If that doesn't work, hit the back button on your browser, then click the submit button again.





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