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Intake Info
Located in NJ 
Owner Surrender to AABR
FA #11
Tag #2415
10 Yrs
(Birthday unknown)
68 lbs
Natural ears
Docked tail
Reported good with dogs after a slow introduction period
Unknown with cats
Looking for a home without children


Tater continues to do well in his foster home.  He has been in foster for almost six years and while he is very loved and well taken care of, Tater is still looking for his forever home.  As he has gotten older, Tater's anxiety has remained the same.  He can be easily startled and care must be taken when handling Tater.  He does better with other dogs around and is great with small dogs. 

Tater is looking for a home that understands his behavior and how to provide him with the structure that he needs.  Tater would do best in a quiet home without children or cats.  His ideal home would have boxer or large dog experience, as well as experience with fear aggression. 

Tater is well trained and listens to commands.  He is housebroken and walks well on leash.  Tater can not be trusted in settings such as a dog park or in a situation that is not completely controlled.  He needs a home that can set boundaries and work with his anxieties to keep him safe.  Tater's behavior can be a challenge, but he is definitely worth it! 


Tater is doing well in his foster home.  He is a special boy that needs a very knowledgeable boxer home.  Tater would do best with no children and very few visitors.  He does great with other dogs.  If you have an environment appropriate for Tater, apply today!


Tater turned 8 years old this month. He's quite the "looker" for a senior man. Tater has been in rescue a long time and would love to find a home to call his own. He is great with other dogs as long as he gets the chance to meet them on his terms. He loves to snuggle and is happy to spend a Saturday sitting on your lap. Tater is looking for a home with no children and a family that has the time and patience to work with Tater as he does have some anxiety issues in new situations. He is completely house broken, good on the leash, and can be left home uncrated with no issue. If you have a place in your heart and home for Tater, please apply today!


They just don't get much more handsome than Tater. This beautiful boy has been in rescue for a long time, waiting for his forever home. Tater is looking for an experienced home that has time to work with him. He has come a long way in his foster home. He will need to go to a relatively quiet home that doesn't have a lot of people coming and going. No kids for Tater, but he's fine with other dogs as long as he gets introduced in his way. Don't let this scare you. Tater is a sweet, sweet boy. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. If you feel you can provide a home for Tater, please consider adopting him.


Tater turned 7 years old this past November and has been in foster care for almost 3 years. He would love to find a home to call his own. Tater doesn't need much. He does need a home that is patient and understands how to give him the time he needs to adjust to changes in his environment. Tater would do best in a quiet home either by himself or with one other dog. He'd prefer a home that doesn't have a lot of "coming and going" and no cats or children for Tater.

Tater is completely housebroken, does not need huge amounts of exercise, and enjoys little runs in a fenced backyard. Tater would love someone that has experience with a nervous dog that would give him the time and effort he deserves. Tater's foster family reports that he is a very sweet boxer that loves to cuddle, but that gets anxious in strange or changing situations, which is why Tater would do best in a quiet home with not a lot of activity. If you think you have the right place for this special boy, please apply to adopt Tater today.


Tater has been in foster care for over 2 years and he'd love to find a forever home. He is not good with changes to his environment. Tater does get nervous with new people entering his home. He is dog reactive on walks, but has no problem with the dogs in his home.

Tater is looking for a home with an experienced dog owner. He wouldn't mind another dog in the home, but would be fine as an only dog also. Tater needs room to run, but doesn't need much exercise. He is a relatively calm boxer normally. Tater knows all of his commands, is completely house-broken, leash trained, and quite the snuggler. He isn't your easy boxer, but then some things in life are worth working for -and that's Tater. If you're up for a challenge, please consider giving Tater a place to call his own.


Tater has been in rescue for two years and is still looking for a forever home.  He is doing well in foster care.  Tater is an anxious boy who needs to get comfortable with a person or dog before he relaxes. His foster mom has been working with him on training and some alternative treatments.  With these, his nervousness continues to get better. Please consider adopting Tater. He'd love a home with one or two people to call his own.


Tater continues to do well in his foster home. Tater is such a beautiful boxer. He loves people and loves it when new people come to say hi. He does ok with other dogs as long as he can be introduced on his terms. Tater would prefer a fenced yard as he gets a little anxious on walks. Because Tater is a bit fearful, he would really like a home with someone that understands fearful dogs and is willing to continue working with him. He's made so much progress since he came to AABR and he deserves a great home to keep working on making him the great dog that he should be! Please consider Tater!


Tater continues to do well in his foster home. He is a sweet guy, but he needs a home that will understand his nervousness and will help him adjust slowly to his new environment. He is currently living with several other dogs and gets along fine with them as long as slow introductions are made. Please consider giving Tater a home.


Tater is doing great. Everyone that meets him says heís very handsome. Tater came to AABR with some nervousness and reactivity issues. After many months of working with Tater, he has made amazing progress. It was found that Tater likely was dealing with a lot of undiagnosed pain, possibly due to an old injury which may contribute to some of his nervousness. Tater has been undergoing therapy thanks to the fabulous, generous help of the TTouch Therapist, Pam Wanveer, in Maryland. Tater loves his sessions. We think he thinks of it like his own little doggie massage.

Taterís foster family has also worked with him on reactive dog techniques and training. He does much better with other dogs if he has a chance to get to know them over a period of time. As you can see from the pictures, he warmed up quite nicely to his foster sister, Sierra, when she was visiting and he is now enjoying the company of his new foster brother, Diesel. Tater is not an excited boxer. He does not need the same amount of exercise as most boxers. He does not jump up on counters or tables or run around the house. He does like to go on walks, but is just as happy curling up next to whatever human or non-human happens to be available to take a nap. Tater knows how to walk on a leash, is completely house-broken, knows many commands, loves to get treats, and likes to give kisses, although you have to really deserve it to get a Tater kiss. He doesnít give them out to just anybody.

Tater needs a family that has dog experience and is willing to continue working on his training.  He would like to go to a family without young children. Tater could possibly go to a home with another dog as long as the owners are willing to do gradual introductions.  Please consider opening your home to Tater.  


Tater has been in foster since April. He is a beautiful boxer, with brown eyes that will melt your heart. Tater is looking for a very special home. He needs a forever home with someone that is willing to work on an on-going basis with Tater to provide him guidance and help him with his nervousness and reactivity issues.

 Tater is a loving dog, but he does not feel comfortable around other dogs and he startles easily  - so he is best placed in a home without young children or other dogs. He might do better living with a man or a couple where both people are committed to working with him. Tater has made strides in his training in foster care, but it is important that he finds the right forever home to build upon his existing progress. Tater would be a good "project" for someone with solid dog experience that understands how to provide guidance and regular training. Unfortunately, his current foster family is limited on how much longer he can stay,  so if you think your home would be a good fit - please consider adopting Tater.  


Tater is making strides in his foster home. He is a gentle guy who likes to cuddle. He does not jump around like many boxers. He is relatively calm and likes people a lot! Tater has been working with his foster parents and a trainer to help him with his issues around other dogs. He still gets nervous around strange dogs, but has made a lot of progress. Tater would love a home that is relatively calm with someone that doesn't mind him cuddling up next to them as often as possible. Tater was surrendered with his AKC papers. Please consider adopting Tater!


Tater is a beautiful, sweet boxer. Even though he's a big guy, he loves to snuggle. He'll crawl in your lap if you let him. He gets along well with his foster siblings, but is nervous around dogs he doesn't know. He needs a forever home that has the patience to work him through his issues with other dogs. Please consider adopting Tater. He'll melt your heart!


Tater is doing fine in his foster home. He continues to get along with his foster brothers and sister. He's pretty low energy for a boxer and doesn't need as much exercise as most young boxers. Tater would be fine as an only dog or in a house with other dogs. He's housebroken, eats well and likes to snuggle.  Apply today for Tater!


Tater has been with his foster family for about a month now. His true personality is starting to come through. He is a very sweet boy. Tater is relatively calm for a boxer. He loves to play and wrestle with his two year old male foster brother, but he's also just as happy to curl up and sleep. He is not a high energy dog like many boxers. Tater can be nervous. He didn't like being left alone when he first came to foster, but has gotten more comfortable with that. He gets along well with the dogs in the house, but recently started getting nervous when he sees other dogs out on walks. Tater would benefit from a home that has the patience to help him get over his nervousness. Tater is looking for his forever home. Please consider making Tater a part of your own family. One look in his big brown eyes is all it takes to fall in love with this guy.


Tater is doing great in his foster home. He is incredibly calm and laid back for a boxer. He does not jump or make a scene when we come home. He is a friendly guy that really would just like to be where you are and curl up on a pillow near your feet.  Tater gets along fine with his foster parent's two dogs (female and male). He is house-trained and walks on the lead well. He likes hanging out in the backyard if you are there, but if not - he's happy to do his business and come back inside. He is not yet crate-trained, but with his foster parent's help - he is making strides in that area. Tater has had the run of the house when his foster parents are not home. At first, he was very nervous and did not like being left alone. As he has settled in, he is much calmer and can be left alone, although he prefers it if his foster mom leaves him with something yummy to munch on while she's gone! Please contact us to adopt this wonderful boy.  Tater is such a sweety and he is waiting for his forever home.


Tater just arrived at his new foster home.  What a beautiful boy! He is very sweet and gentle. Tater is a bit skinny, but he has a good appetite so we're sure that won't be the case for long. Even though he is having fun at his foster home, after lots of moving around, Tater would love to go to his forever home soon!  We will update his page as we get to know him better!  Thank you for your interest in Tater.

4/11/10 -

Tater is a 4 year old brindle boy who is being surrendered to rescue because his family is losing their home and moving to an apartment that does not allow dogs. Tater is reported to be crate trained and housetrained. He is used to having a fenced yard. Tater is currently living with cats and two children (16 months and 10 years old). He is very tolerant with the children and completely ignores the cats. Tater is going to be a wonderful boy for a lucky family - apply today to foster or adopt Tater!

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A huge thank you to Tater's sponsors:

Theresa Majewski, Charlie Arment, & Elliott


If you are interested in adopting this dog, please first read our Adoption Procedure, by clicking on the link at the top of this page, then fill out an online application.

Boxers and Applicants are not matched on a first come, first served basis. Not all applications are approved. On average, it takes between a week and 1 month to adopt a Rescue Boxer to an approved applicant, depending on your personal circumstances and flexibility.  

Matching Boxers suitable for placement with younger children, other dogs, cats, and special needs, yours and theirs, increases the application review time and adoption time.  

And yes, we realize that the Boxer you may have your heart set on, may be adopted before you're approved.   Should your first choices all ready found their forever home, we want you to advise us as to other dogs you are interested in at .  Or let us suggest a few that we feel will match your home.  That is what we are good at.   And be happy for the ones that have been placed... and know that there are way too many fantastic dogs waiting in their place.

Our non-profit organization is wholly comprised of hard-working volunteers whose only reward is seeing our wonderful Boxers placed in loving, permanent homes and given another chance for a happy life. Our process may seem slow, but if you are patient, we will try to provide you with a devoted, loving companion - a Boxer.

We hope you feel that the right Boxer is worth waiting for. 

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