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Please enter as many FACTS about the dog as we KNOW. Rev 07/04/06

  1. Please provide the following contact/foster information:  Main Contact:

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    2.c)         Dog's Name
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    Existing Dog Update: Skip to # 6 unless you have Changed or Additional Info to enter into #2.d) thru #5 Below. 

    Foster or Kennel
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    Intake Source
     AABR Tag ID# Note: If your dog does not have an AABR Tag, you may continue to submit the update, but please obtain a tag from your AABR main contact, and provide it with your next update.  Thanks
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  6. Enter your update in the fields provided below.  You can copy and paste from another document.

    Reason we have dog: (for Posting on dog's page) Example: Owner surrender and reason why or Stray?

    General Update (for Posting on dog's page) - (2000 Characters including spaces ~ 400 words Max)
    Please state info in positive ways, such as "dog is good with food", instead of "dog shows no food aggression".
    And please only call 8 yr olds and older seniors.

    Additional Info ( Not for Posting)  ie: Aggression history or concerns/ housebreaking issues/ health issues

  7. When complete, select "Submit Form" below. 

A Confirmation will be displayed to let you know your update was sent.  Only submit once. 

On the confirmation page a button will be available to open an email composition screen where you can upload and
attach image files (.jpg or .gif) of the dog, from your hard drive. 

This email will be addressed automatically to  Updates@adoptaboxerrescue.com : With a Subject line of AABR
Dog Update Pictures - "Name".  Please replace "Name" with the name of the foster dog. Attach no more than 3 good
pictures of the dog. Then hit "send".

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