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Located in  NY

Owner Surrender
FA #
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2 Yrs 6 Months
(DOB 09/21/98)
53 lbs
Natural ears
Docked tail
Reported good with other dogs
No history with cats
Kids 5 or older

07/15/12 - Memorial

Adding another collar to the box…

Animal rescue has given me the most satisfaction and fulfillment in my life, along with the greatest sadness and anger.  The sadness and anger comes when we get a mistreated, or sick, or un-socialized dog into rescue.  It also comes when we get a perfectly good and healthy dog that an owner is no longer committed to.  Pure bred dogs are the results of intentional actions by humans.  The decision to add an animal to a family should come with a lifetime commitment, but less than 20% of all dogs will live out their lives in the first home they start with.

It may sound strange but it turns out that the greatest fulfillment I have is when I get that phone call or email telling me that their beloved boxer, the one they adopted from us years ago, has passed on.  Only then, am I certain that what we did was really successful.

And I have a thing about dog collars.  My foster dogs mostly have gone on to their forever homes with new collars. I knew that their families would probably want to pick out their own collar to welcome them to their home.  But I wanted the old collar they wore while with me as a memory.  I save the old ones in a box.  

I got Sammy in the spring of 2002.  He was only two and a half years old, and it was my job as his foster home to care for and to find him his forever home.  I brought him to a number of home visits, and twice, he was matched with his new family.  The first home was a nice family with kids and a young “out of control” female boxer.  We offered some tips for their dog, and we agreed that Sammy might even be a good role model for her.  The day of the adoption, they called to say they had given great consideration to adopting Sammy and realized how well behaved he was compared to their existing boxer.  Wisely, they decided to work on getting better control over her before taking on a second dog.  A few weeks later... on the day he was to go to a different matched home, I got a call saying that their young female boxer had fainted, and their vet suspected a heart condition. A second dog would have to wait.

It was my friend and fellow rescue volunteer Joanne, who convinced be that Sammy was meant to stay with me... and I thank her for not letting me miss the opportunity to have him a part of our family.  He lived to be snuggled with, and was pretty good at finding a willing lap to put his head on. He was always very healthy, and was always doing something funny to entertain me. Sammy could use his front paws like hands. His siblings always stood back as Sammy opened doors for them to go through.  And within a few days of Brandy's passing, Sammy took up the sport of barking and pouncing on rocks.  That was Brandy's thing, and he had never done it while she was alive.

I’m not one for often changing my own dog’s collars.  I pick out something conservative… For my last few boxers, I’ve gone with leather.  It’s comfortable, and ages nicely with time… and lasts a life time.  At the end of that life time, those collars also go in the box.

On Sunday July 15, 2012, my sweet Sammy could no longer walk or stand, and he was having a hard time breathing.  Our vet came to the house at 1pm and Sammy went peacefully.  Sammy would have been thirteen in September.


Adopted 4/20/02

3/18/02 - Sam:

Our latest visitor is a cute little man named Sam.  He is 2 ½ yrs old, about 53 lbs, natural ears, cropped tail, fawn with black muzzle, neutered, heartworm negative, and up-to-date on shots.

He was surrendered by his owners, who we’re told, couldn’t take him with them to a new apartment.

He is currently asleep, having worn himself out boxing with two tennis balls that for a while at least, were winning.  He is getting along very well with his foster siblings, being quite fluent in dog communications.  He also has quite an expanded understanding of human language, and is very well mannered and polite.

He’s very affectionate, and deserves a great home with a loving family.  We haven’t left him alone yet, and have not tested him with cats.

If you can give this little man his forever home, he will reward you with kisses and wiggle butts for sure.

We'll keep you updated on his progress.

Sandy and Jim
And Charlie and Brandy Too!


If you think you have the ideal home for this dog,  please fill out an online application, email the contact below, and include your full name, city and state and this dog's name in the subject line of your message.

Jamie Meadow
or Lynne Melenenis
or Zori Levine

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Sammy, making himself some room on the couch by sitting on his sister Katie. 2012 Feb 19

Charlie, Brandy and Sammy (L to R)



If you are interested in adopting this dog, please first read our Adoption Procedure, by clicking on the link at the top of this page, then fill out an online application.

Boxers and Applicants are not matched on a first come, first served basis. Not all applications are approved. On average, it takes between a week and 1 month to adopt a Rescue Boxer to an approved applicant, depending on your personal circumstances and flexibility.  

Matching Boxers suitable for placement with younger children, other dogs, cats, and special needs, yours and theirs, increases the application review time and adoption time.  

And yes, we realize that the Boxer you may have your heart set on, may be adopted before you're approved.   Should your first choices all ready found their forever home, we want you to advise us as to other dogs you are interested in at .  Or let us suggest a few that we feel will match your home.  That is what we are good at.   And be happy for the ones that have been placed... and know that there are way too many fantastic dogs waiting in their place.

Our non-profit organization is wholly comprised of hard-working volunteers whose only reward is seeing our wonderful Boxers placed in loving, permanent homes and given another chance for a happy life. Our process may seem slow, but if you are patient, we will try to provide you with a devoted, loving companion - a Boxer.

We hope you feel that the right Boxer is worth waiting for. 

Adoptions Fee: Please see our adoption info by clicking on the link at the top of this page.



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