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RomeoNY0405ff.jpg (23462 bytes)
  Romeo (NY)
aka Eddy


fostered in NY
~9-10  yr old 
fawn male
Natural ears
Docked Tail
60 lbs


Update - 05/04/06

Eddy's favorite times of the day were meal times!  Eddy galloped over to a slightly larger than usual dinner tonight, finished it off with his usual smile, went over to his bed, laid down, and passed on.

We will miss him dearly.


(Foster Mom & Adoptive Mom to Eddy - 05/04/04 - 05/04/06)

07/31/04 -

I trimmed Romeo's nails today and he acted like the old pro he is. Like it was no big deal.  Had someone in his family done this for him many times before? And all the other things he does now are the result of some care he received in his past.

So how is it that he ended up on the streets, with no ID on him?  He didn't jump a fence... He didn't bust out... He couldn't have gone far from home with his bad legs.  And he was in the local shelter for over a month.  Was he turned out by an owner who was done with him?  We'll never know what went wrong with this dog or any of the strays that end up in rescue's care.

And after some ten years of being called his real name,  he must get used to this new name, Romeo, now.  How weird do you think he thinks we are for making up this new name for him.

Has the world gone nuts, or is it just us that think it's wrong to give up a dog because he or she has gotten too old?  Romeo is a living, breathing, feeling, and thinking animal.  He probably spent his life in service to his family, guarding their home, warning them of intruders, maybe even warming their feet.  He has assumed all of these important roles in his foster home. = )

So some unlucky older dogs are lucky enough to make it into a rescue organization's care.  And others aren't.  And most end up spending the rest of their lives in their foster family's home, because they are a hard placement, and because they are so great that we fall for these gentle souls.  They are so wonderful, we loose a lot of foster homes to these guys. 

And they deserve good homes and to spend the last few years of their lives in comfort and in service.  That's right... They still have a lot to give back.

So maybe you have a spot in your home and heart for a senior Boxer...  Maybe you are slowing down a bit, and want a mature companion to share your couch with.  Maybe you are as outraged as we are that so many older dogs are looking for homes.

And you will be a hero twice!  Not only to the senior that you bring into your home, but you will be responsible for giving another Boxer a second chance by opening up a foster spot.  One that is needed to temporarily home and learn about the easier, younger placements.

Please consider adopting a senior Boxer.  And please remember that adoption is forever.

06/17/04 - Update and new pic

Romeo is soft and cuddly, and very laid back.  He is very well behaved and very good on the leash.  Because of his hind legs, he doesn't walk far. 

The vet gave him a shot of cortisone in his rear, and it seems to have helped, but Romeo really needs a home with no stairs.  

Romeo greets me every morning with a howl and a song.  He is very funny, and would make a great companion for an "empty nester" or senior home.

Will you be Romeo's hero?

05/08/04 - Update and new pics

Although Romeo has few gray hairs, and a great set of teeth, our vet feels that he is close to ten yrs young.  He's an easy going guy that chooses his moments to have a quick little burst of energy.  Little in that he wiggles his butt and even gave us a little song and dance.

He has a great smile, especially around food time.  No problems with housetraining, and is getting along fine with my 9yr, 4yr and 9 mo old males.  (Rudy the pup seems to honor his elders, but has to be watched when his devilish twin decides he wants to play!)

Romeo's rear legs are weak, and he has trouble with stairs.  We are awaiting a report from the vet as to the cause.  

He needs a hero to give him a comfortable home, a nice soft bed, someone to put some weight on him, and to give him lots of love.  Are you his hero?

5/05/04 - Romeo

Romeo is a friendly guy who was found roaming around without ID tags.  He waited and waited in the local shelter for his family to find him, but sadly no one came.

Romeo has lost a lot of weight as Boxers often do in shelters.  We will work hard to put at least 10 to 15lbs on this boy.  He is neutered and has gone to the vets for a routine exam and shots.

Romeo seems good with other dogs, but has not been tested with cats.  Because he was a stray, he will not be placed with little children.

He is a super friendly guy, and we will update as we learn more about him.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an online application first.  Then e-mail the contacts below.  Be sure to include your full name, city, state, and area code in the subject line of your message.

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